Many people do this thinking that they will lose weight or simply because they are not hungry in the morning. Although scientific studies have not been conclusive on this issue, there are several reasons to believe that it is better not to skip what is often referred to as “the most most important of the day.
The breakfast launches your metabolism and the active guard throughout the morning. Skipping breakfast could, in some people, trigger the “famine response”.
Your body says,There is nothing to eat for hours! There must be a famine! The next time you eat, your body will store as much fat as possible.
In addition, by skipping breakfast, you will be hungry for lunch and you will eat much more to compensate.

A light breakfast is better than no breakfast. If you do not feel like eating a full meal, drink at least some water and eat some fruit, a cereal bar or a slice of bread. You could even make a full smoothie to eat a more nutritious breakfast.

On the other hand, it has been proven that a technique called “intermittent fasting” contributes to faster weight loss and potentially other health benefits. The effect may vary from one person to another. However, it may not be a good idea to skip breakfast on the day of a major exam, job interview, or other important event, as you may be distracted by your hunger and not have enough energy to do your best.


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