Consider eating three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as two snacks between meals. This will allow you to eat less during meals, to bring a quantity of food easier to digest to your body and to keep the blood sugar level constant throughout the day, since you will not spend 6 hours without eating.
Be patient. You will not see your cholesterol level suddenly drop or your weight, and you will not immediately have more energy. You must allow time for your diet to affect your body. The changes may only be visible a few weeks later.

The junk food cravings usually stop after 2 weeks of a healthy diet.
Drink water rather than soda or alcohol.
Take water with you everywhere. Try drinking water instead of soda or other sugary drinks. The larger your body mass, the more you will need to drink water.

Eat before shopping so that you can focus on your shopping list without cracking for useless sweets.
Be careful not to have fatty or sugary foods at home that might tempt you. Give or discard the foods you need to avoid. You will not eat what you do not have! And do not buy that kind of food anymore!
Read the labels of everything you eat.
Do not buy something just because the product is sold as a diet . Many brands are trying to sell their products as dietarywhile they are full of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats and hidden sugars. Reading labels is also a great way to find out more about what you eat. You will know all the information related to this product.
If you are trying to lose weight, choose low calorie foods. If you want to gain weight to join a rugby team or for any other reason, choose high calorie foods. However, too many calories, not enough exercise and eating too much at one time can lead to overweight.

you consume more calories than your body needs every day, your body will store the remaining energy as fat. It’s a mistake many people make about weight loss. Even if you exercise a lot, eating too much will make you gain weight [27] . In industrialized countries, excess fat is not needed. We are no longer hunter-gatherers. Your next meal is only at the supermarket and we do not need so much energy to keep us going until this next meal.
Try not to buy treats because you will be tempted to eat them.
Yogurt with 0% fat can make a great snack and its healthy bacteria can cure stomach upset.
There is a heated debate about organic foods: some consider them healthier, others do not. Some people think that the chemicals used in food are not harmful and that non-organic foods are as good as their expensive replacements. The defenders of the bio will say the opposite. However, everyone agrees that organic foods are just as caloric as their non-organic replacements. So, even if you eat organic, watch your calorie intake anyway.
Any drastic change in your diet poses a risk of constipation, so be sure to eat plenty of green vegetables and other naturally high fiber foods. Your digestive system will usually fit in a week or two. But if you continue to be constipated, consult your doctor. Flax seeds, Indian plantain, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and dry beans are also very good sources of fiber. Do not forget to look at nutrition labels to know the percentage of fiber contained in different foods. For fresh foods, no packaging, look for this information on the internet, although in general, fresh fruits and vegetables will not hurt you!
Healthy eating is good for you, but you will not benefit if you do not play sports. Playing sports does not have to be difficult and you will not even have to sweat. Walking 30 minutes 4 times a week will be very beneficial for your health. Start slowly if necessary.
Eat carrots! Carrots satisfy the cravings of salt in many people: prepare carrot sticks and eat them.
When you think you want low-calorie foods, your body actually needs nutrients and vitamins. Eat healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and stop the craving for treats!
Avoid processed foods. They are not natural and are therefore more difficult to assimilate for your body. This means that these foods stay in your gut, make you swell and make you lethargic. Eat natural foods like raw fruits and vegetables, whole rice, whole pasta, etc.
Pay attention to the portion sizes on the food pyramid. Be sure to respect this pyramid to consume all the nutrients you need.
If you have trouble avoiding eating processed foods, prepare a salad.


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