Healthy two-color chard and carrot cake

A healthy recipe for adults and children. Easy to make and super tasty. For the pie dough: Ingredients: Wholemeal flour / white 2 cups. Salt 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp oil Water ½ cup Step by...

what should you know about respiratory infection of Bronchiolitis?

Bronchiolitis is a respiratory infection that affects younger girls and boys, especially children under 6 months. This infection predominates in the autumn and winter months. The germs that usually cause bronchiolitis are viruses. How...

Why do I dwell on the past?

Many of us enjoy writing in a diary, reading autobiographies or nostalgically reflecting with others about past times. Why is remembering our past so important? Are there downsides? And what can we...

Why it’s time for business schools to radically rethink the MBA

Employers love business school graduates. That’s not just a wild claim: 96% of employers globally polled by the Graduate Management Admission Council in January 2016 said that hiring such graduates creates...

How the mindset of designers can make us better leaders

When I decided to write a book on how design has informed my leadership experiences, I spent time and energy searching for a better word for my title. After all, there are...

How design thinking can help teachers collaborate

The recent release of the Gonski 2.0 report has done an excellent job of re-opening the conversation around how our schools could better fulfil their purpose. Much of the commentary has centred...

How businesses can determine if design thinking is right for them

Design thinking has become the recipe du jour for innovation. For some, it is the route to transformative thinking and revolutionary change. For others, it looks like chaos, where millennials plaster the walls...

how new intelligent testing could save thousands of lives

Since the 1970s, liver disease in the UK has increased by more than 400%, particularly in people under 65 – in marked contrast to all other major causes of death which...

why South Africans need to can soft drinks

If South Africans don’t drastically reduce the number of cool drinks, juices and sugar-sweetened beverages they drink every day, there will be more than nine million obese adults in the country...

Why the approach to tackle the silent killer has changed

Traditionally, someone who suffered from hypertension – or high blood pressure – would only receive treatment when his or her blood pressure was measured and the reading was found be higher...
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How to fight type 2 diabetes with the correct lifestyle

There is a genetic predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes and, in fact, 40% of patients with this disease have at least one relative...

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