Game of Thrones has revolutionized the world of TV series.Game of Thrones has revolutionized the world of TV series. Screenshot / Youtube
Game of Thrones , best series of all time? The HBO flagship program will finally be released “in clear” from Monday at 22:45 on D8. An opportunity not to be missed under any circumstances, the proof.
Game of Thrones is often referred to as the fantasy saga that can be enjoyed even by those who do not usually like fantasy. The same thing happened to Battlestar Galactica (for science fiction), Sopranos (for gangster films) or The Wire (for crime series ).

In short, all the series which, in one way or another, start from a given genre and go beyond the frontiers, as much by the spectrum of their content as by the extent of the public they manage to touch. We often evoke his “realism”, as opposed to the marvelous that one expects to find in what would be only a big “fairy tale”: the proximity with our history, the absence of idealization of the characters (both on the side of the powerful and the people) and the complexity of human relationships, political relations and class relations.

George RR Martin, however, has nothing of a David Simon : it is the imagination that manipulates, certainly under tins that we recognize as closer to those we wear ourselves. It is perhaps here that Game of Thrones takes the exact opposite of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings . This last tells the last days of a world before the disappearance of the magic and the advent of the reign of the men. The saga of GRR Martin, on the contrary, tells the return of the marvelous and magic in a world that had, for a time, repressed.

Indeed, at the moment when the story opens, Westeros looks at first sight in all points to our medieval Europe: a feudal organization, a society violently unequal and based on the balance of power. The only real difference, apart from the different cycle of the seasons: the official religion is polytheism, but, as is the case for our own monotheism, its Seven Gods have been silent for a long time.


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