Cauliflower is one of the best, healthiest vegetables available. Although it does not have much taste compared to bitter melon, you can still immediately incorporate all the flavor of your choice. However, it is also a sensitive ingredient. You have to handle it carefully when preparing the dish and also during the cooking process as well. There are different ways you can cook cauliflower. It would simply depend on your health condition whatever it is.

Before cooking the cauliflower, you must first prepare it in the right way. The leaves should be removed, as well as the plant stem. You can cut the base using a large knife without ruining the cauliflower itself. Now, using a small knife, you can start to cut the kernel so that you will be left with the entire cauliflower head. Then use your hand to separate the small bouquets of cauliflower. Leave it in a basin with salt for at least 30 minutes.

Now choose one of these methods on how to cook cauliflower. You can boil, steam, fry, or even use the microwave for cooking cauliflower.

After washing the vegetables, you can drain them. Fill your jar with water (at least half of the container) and put a pinch of salt. Bring the water to a boil and put some lemon juice, vinegar, or milk. This would ensure that the cauliflower will retain its color even after boiling. Once the water boils, you can put in the cauliflower. Wait until it becomes crispy by checking with a fork. It would take 15 minutes or less before the flowers are fully cooked. Never cook vegetables, or you will lose flavor and nutrients. Empty the water and serve.

A way of cooking cauliflower by frying and popping it in butter or vegetable oil. But if you want to give more joy, you can make a dough. You can mix the milk, flour and egg in the dough. Use the dough to cover the cauliflower. Then fry until golden brown. It is best served when it is hot and crispy.

Put the cauliflower in the steamer basket. Put enough water in your steamer and put it in the pan. It would only take 20 to 30 minutes, the cauliflower will be steamed.


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