Tender shrimp, fish and scallops are combined in a creamy white wine broth with vegetables. This flavor chowder recipe is a food that can be easily enjoyed at home any day of the week!

Seafood soup in a bowl – easy and comfortable food!

A great New England wonder Clam Chowder is one of our favorite ways to enjoy a plate of homemade food. There is something that heats up on a creamy bowl of seafood goodness! This soup recipe can be prepared in one night because it cooks so fast!

What is chowder?
So what makes a soup a soup?

A soup is a type of soup that most of the time (not always) has a creamy base and is thick in texture. There are some variations of chowder: clam chowder, corn chowder, and of course, this seafood soup!

I started simmering the vegetables in seafood broth to get a great flavor and then add the seafood and the cream to cook at the end. Powders can sometimes be thickened with a roux and, in the case of this seafood soup recipe, potatoes also provide quite a bit of starch to help thicken it!

A large spoonful of seafood soup, a delicious one-night meal!

Seafood soup is a complete meal loaded with shrimp, scallops and fish. We add a side of Easy Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits or Cheddar Bay Biscuit to absorb any of the creamy benefits from the bottom of the bowl.

When I make a recipe for seafood soup, I always add corn for a color and a touch of sweetness. If you have additional vegetables that you need to use, this dish is perfect for them! Mushrooms, peppers or peas are excellent additions to this soup!

How to make soup
While some chowders take longer to cook (like my faveSlow Cooker Corn Chowder) this easy recipe is ready for the table in about 30 minutes!

Cook the onion in the butter. Add flour
Add vegetables, broth and wine and cook until tender.
Add the cream and seafood and simmer for a few minutes.
Serve and enjoy!
You can add any type of seafood in this fish soup recipe; Lobster, crab, salmon … consider cooking time so your seafood doesn’t cook too much!

A bowl of creamy seafood soup – belly warming and delicious!

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Creamy Seafood Soup
20 minute cooking time

Total time 30 minutes

This seafood soup is a delicious creamy soup with shrimp, scallops and fish.

1/4 cup butter
1 medium onion, diced
1 teaspoon old bay seasoning
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/4 cup flour
1 sliced ​​celery stalk
1 sliced ​​carrot
1 pound peeled and diced potatoes
1/2 cup corn
5 cups of seafood or chicken broth
1/2 cup white wine
8 ounces of white fish cut into pieces (cod / salmon / tilapia / haddock)
8 oz scallops
12 oz of peeled and deveined shrimp
6.5 ounces canned chopped clams, drained
2 cups thick cream
1 tablespoon parsley
Cook the onion in butter until tender. Add flour, Old Bay seasoning and thyme and cook for 2-3 minutes.

Add the carrot, celery, potato, corn, broth and wine, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes.

Add seafood and cream. Cook until the fish is fully cooked and flaky and the potatoes are tender, about 8-10 minutes.

Add the parsley and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Nutritional information

Calories: 577 , Fat: 39g , Saturated fat: 23g , Cholesterol: 301 mg , Sodium: 1541 mg , Potassium: 732 mg , Carbs: 25 g , Fiber: 2g , Sugar 4g , Proteins: 29 g , Vitamin A: 73% , Vitamin C: 18.5% , Calcium: 18.2% , Iron: 26%


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