If you choose organic fruit and vegetables, it is also important to wash them, do not treat them with chemical agents. Here’s how to wash fruits and vegetables naturally

It is always advisable to buy organic fruits and vegetables , for your own well-being and to help the environment, but it is also important to clean them in the most appropriate way. Here’s how to wash seasonal or organic fruits and vegetables .
Every good doctor always advises to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily to eat healthily and raise the immune system. In Italy, fortunately the choice is very wide, thanks to the biodiversity of our country, for this reason it is always advisable to buy products of local origin, but above all organic.

Even with these characteristics, however, you must always perform a proper cleaning, to avoid ingesting residues: this is how to wash fruits and vegetables accurately, even if they are organic!

How to clean fruits and vegetables in a natural way
To wash vegetables and fruit, there is always no need to use chemicals that pollute the environment, there are also numerous natural remedies . If you buy vegetables and organic fruit , the need for proper cleaning is less imperative than those grown with pesticides, because obviously you don’t risk ingesting substances harmful to the body. This does not mean, however, that they should not be washed. This is why it is important to know some natural remedies on how to disinfect fruit and vegetables:

The soda is the best ally for the cleaning of the house and food. Just create a solution of water and a teaspoon of baking soda and leave the fruit and vegetables to soak for a few minutes. Finally, they rinse off and are ready to taste;
for those wondering how to wash vegetables from mold and possible bacteria, the answer is simple, just use a solution of white vinegar and water , even in this case they are left to soak for a few minutes and finally, they can be used for their own recipes;
an alternative can also be the apple vinegar combined with a handful of salt and water that allows you to sanitize fruit and vegetables accurately;
some also use a solution consisting of a teaspoon of lemon juice and baking soda , soak everything for 10 minutes and then rinse.
Other tips to enjoy always fresh fruits and vegetables
Now that it is clear how to wash fruits and vegetables naturally, it is important to also know other remedies that could improve the quality of your products, preserving their taste and cleanliness. First of all it is advisable never to use chemicals to sanitize them, if you buy organic vegetables and fruits, then it makes no sense to treat them with non-natural products.

It is also very important to check the origin at the time of purchase, in order to verify the actual quality of the products. Once the shopping is done, they must be removed from the plastic and placed in the refrigerator, if necessary.

The internal compartments of the appliance must always be clean, so as not to transmit bacteria. In addition, when they decide to consume it, it is advisable to sanitize them first with one of the methods described above, taking care to clean even the parts that are not edible. Finally, it is always good to eliminate damaged parts because they are more likely to develop bacteria. After discovering how to wash fruits and vegetables accurately, there is nothing left to do but cook them, perhaps in a fun way to please children too .


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