Most of the people usually order products from aliexpress to buy online in cheap rate. But most of them do the same mistake at the early stage. You will see same product selling different seller where price also different. Here shipment cost also another factor. Some times shipment cost shows very higher than the product price. Because there is no general shipment option for the specific seller.

How to Identify a fraud seller in aliexpress:
The fraud sellers may have very few items for sell. Sold an item very rarely or very few customer feedback. They may provide you the cheapest rate. But the item is listed for sell recently. They usually remove an item from their item list after few days. Because at first they sell some good product to get good customer feedback. After few days they offer a big sale to sell lots of the item at the same time. But this time they will give you all the fake product. However when you receive the product and found it not usable or fake product you will have no option to give a negative feedback because they already removed the item from their item list. May be you don’t care this because you paid very small amount for this item, but he sold out thousand of fake items at the same times. They even don’t provide any shipping Tracking.

How to find good seller from alibaba express:

Find your product first and you will see many sellers that aliexpress will suggest you automatically. Compare all the same items from different seller with price, total number of item sold, total customer review, ratio of five star customer feedback. If you select the seller who have the best score. If you see the count of the number of the item sold is very high, it means the seller is selling the item from long time and people are also ordering the item regularly. So probably the seller will not remove the item from his store. And after buying the item if you fond any problem you can claim to change it or refund. And the seller will also resend you the product or will refund you.

So always buy from trusted sellers. Justify first on alibaba online shopping.

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