1 Mix the potatoes with the eggplant, garlic, rosemary and olive oil in a bowl. Pepper to your liking.
2 Divide the mixture into individual metal pans. Cover with the chicken broth flush with each pan.
3 Put them in the oven at 190oC for approximately 30 minutes or until you notice that the broth evaporates completely and the potatoes are soft. Serve hot.

Healthy food is not fought with an exquisite flavor, so don’t wait any longer to prepare these amazing potatoes and eggplant with rosemary to give a different flavor to your dishes and complement them perfectly. There is no better way to spoil your family than taking care of their food.

1 It is a great option to treat arthritis and rheumatism by considerably reducing any type of inflammation that may affect your health, due to the various minerals and the organic salt it contains.
2 The folic acid and iron it contains helps treat anemic states, which also help stimulate and produce red blood cells in the body.
3 Eating boiled or steamed potatoes will help you treat constipation by moisturizing stool, causing them to become softer, preventing hemorrhoids from forming.
4 Believe it or not, among the benefits of the potato we can find the fact that it helps prevent the mutation of normal cells to become cells of certain types of cancer, thanks to the large amount of chlorogenic acid that contains the skin of the potato .


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