Apple made revolutionary change releasing ARM-based M1 chip which has both powerful CPU and GPU for pro users. With this revolution Apple jumped years comparing Intel and AMD high power consuming processors which even don’t have any high power integrated GPU with processor. So apple cuts your cost to buy an expensive graphics card.

Apple already released M2 based Macbook in 2022. But apple lovers is waiting for Mac Mini M2 series. Apple M2 has a greater GPU which is almost 40% faster in rendering video comparing M1. But its other processing power is almost same as M1.

What’s new in in Mac Mini M2. Mac Mini M1 has a direct AC power cord means the power conversion system is inside the device case. It could be thinner if Apple could provide a sperate external power adapter. Yes Making the power adapter external Apple made Mac Mini M2 thinner than M1 which looks much more pretty.

What about Apple Mac Mini M2 vs Mac Mini M1 benchmark test? We already get Apple M2 power. It has improved GPU with more cores. It gives extra power to video content creators. Real time rendering is now more smooth.

Apple Mac Mini M2 Price: Apple gave a sign about upcoming M series processor. The price deference is only 100$ in all variant comparing M1 and M2.

Apple Mac Mini M2 Pre-order: Yes lots of apple store starts taking pre-order for Apple Mac Mini M2 and its variants. The base product of Apple Mac Mini M2 is 8GB RAM with 256GB SSD.

Which one better Mac Mini M2 16GB RAM with 256GB SSD or 8GB RAM with 512GB SSD? The overall read write speed of SSD depends on how many module used in storage. Apple using 128GB of SSD chip means 256GB has a combination of two chip and 512GB has a combination of four chip. Using more chip makes it slower. So if you need the advantage of large storage your system data read write speed will be slower. So its better using external SSD with enclosure which can save few hundred dollars. So it is more meaningful having more RAM instead of storage.

Apple Mac Mini M2 Release date: Apple is going to release M2 base Mac Mini on end of November 2022 or mid of December 2022. Can’t wait for Mac Mini M2? Yes you can also pre-order.

Source: Apple Mac Mini M2 2022


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