ArkOS: preview of Huawei’s new operating system

ARK OS HUAWEI PREVIEW - After Trump's commercial block, Huawei continues on its way and registers the trademark of its new proprietary mobile operating system in new countries: from...

BOOM STRESS from smartphone

Now the smartphone is part of our lives. We spend many hours with the mobile in hand to shake, type, swipe without even realizing it. Our hands are constantly in motion,...

How to throw a smartphone

HOW TO THROW A SMARTPHONE - You have just bought a new smartphone . The first few hours are spent trying on the device. Get to know it and read manuals...

Popular smartphones emitting extreme radiation

Which smartphones radiate the most? The Federal Office for Radiation Protection has issued a list that shows many popular smartphone models from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Apple, Huawei and Sony have a relatively...

The five things you must know about Chinese phone

You want save money, so you are choosing Chinese phones. Before deciding to save a lot of money on the purchase of a new cell phone, many shoppers wonder if they...
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B570 Bluetooth Headphone Foldable WIFI Stereo Wireless Earphone With LCD Display

There is a card slot, works. Flashing illumination only from the side of the screen. The incoming call button also works. Comes with a...

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