Dual display smartphones: they seem to come directly from the future, but they are already here. Here are their general characteristics.

The future is much closer than you can imagine: according to rumors, the big names of the smart phone industry will produce, within the next few years, a smartphone with a dual display . Mobile telephony is no longer just an accessory for calls: in recent years it has evolved into a technology that acts as a personal assistant, camera, data processing and data search system always at hand.
The double screen, however, is the new frontier of the future that seems almost difficult to imagine. Few pioneers have decided to try their hand at the dual-display cell phone precisely because of the apparent strangeness of the thing. What do we really need two displays for?

We did some research to see if the dual display could really be the next step in the evolution of smartphones.

Mobile phone with dual display: how does it work?
The operation of these new systems is very simple: the double screen, which folds like a shell on itself, provides twice the maneuvering space of a normal smartphone , while occupying the same space in your pocket.

The main objective of this new technology is to turn the phone into a tablet whenever you need to consult the Internet or various applications. Not only does pollicia double, but there are also plenty of opportunities to perform multiple operations simultaneously. In short, when one thinks of dual-screen phones , the watchword is certainly multitasking.

The principle of smartphones with a folding display operates on the basis of the user’s need. The latest models, as a rule, have three different operating modes to exploit, based on what needs to be done, the potential of the product:

Single mode : the traditional use of the smartphone, where only one of the screens is operational.
Extended mode : allows you to play applications, files or internet pages using both screens to increase the size of views. This mode is particularly useful in the business environment or when you want, perhaps, to view a video in a more convenient and large way.
Dual mode : the system allows you to launch two applications simultaneously, each on a different screen. This option is particularly useful for those who constantly work multitasking and need lots of information in a small space.
Advantages and disadvantages of the dual screen smartphone

Slightly more expensive than high-end smartphones, this shell model offers an ocean of possibilities for all those who use their smartphone to work every day.

Among the advantages, we can certainly mention:

Greater quality of multitasking : being able to work simultaneously on two different applications is certainly an advantage, especially for those who are always on the move. It will be possible to watch a video on a screen and, at the same time, browse social media with each other.
Bigger screen : watching videos on a dual screen, even when you’re away from home and through the subscription of your phone data, is a very interesting option.
Promoting and financing new technologies is a really interesting experience that, for fans, can only be an opportunity.
As for the disadvantages:

Difficult to maneuver with one hand.
The dual screen is not always compatible with all applications , especially in extended mode. In this phase of technological development, therefore, the choice of App, especially viewable in extended mode, could be limited.
The mobile phone with a folding display seems more fragile and “easy to break”, in case of fall, than the traditional screen.
Attention to the battery : many models are designed to last an entire day for intensive use, but it is always good to check their capacity before making a purchase. Moreover, the screen is the aspect of the smartphone that consumes the most.


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