Béchamel sauce has become popular for its use in the preparation of gratin dishes that contain pasta, vegetables, meat or fish, both in professional and amateur kitchens. You only need milk, flour, butter and salt, basic ingredients that can not be missing in the kitchen.

Many times, when they get down to work, small problems arise. It is very thick, too liquid or those annoying lumps appear that interfere with its density. For this sauce to go perfectly, certain aspects must be taken into account with regard to measurements, temperature (when adding milk) and cooking time.

Bechamel sauce without lumps
. The amounts will depend on what is required, but, as an example, 45 grams of wheat flour, 44 grams of butter and 10 grams of salt are needed for a liter of milk. Now, if the recipe that bechamel bears demands that it be thicker, more flour and less milk will be added.
. To start, flour with butter must be cooked over low heat to obtain a roux (thickener), which will be the base of the sauce.
. Then it will incorporate milk. At this point you have to pay special attention, because the milk must have been boiled previously and must be hotter than warm.
. The process is then started, pouring a little milk into the roux (the rest is reserved for the end) and stirring to obtain a smooth paste. It should be mixed very gently and with a hand whisk.
. When obtaining a homogeneous cream, the rest of the milk is added and the fire is raised. Just count to 10 and you’re ready.
. If a lump escaped, it can be cast.
. Another option to repair the cream is to take it to a bowl and beat with the hand mixer, pouring a little more milk. This is returned to the pan and the same method is followed, stirring and adding more milk, according to the desired point.
. When preserving it, it should be covered with plastic wrap, without this touching the cream. The time in the fridge should not exceed three days.


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