. Hormones in the dock
. He treats himself like this

Acne in adulthood afflicts 15% of women and 3% of men. The fault is hormones. Here’s how to send it away.

Acne has always been thought of as a teenage disorder, but as many as 15% of women and 3% of men have this problem even in adulthood.

In the first case we speak of juvenile acne, in the second of late or late acne.

Type of acne
Juvenile acne
It appears at the time of sexual development, can heal after this period or last in the adult
Late or late acne
It appears in the adult even without having suffered from juvenile acne

The lesions are quite similar to those of adolescence (papules, pustules, nodules and cysts that can leave more or less showy scars), but concentrated in more restricted areas, especially on the chin and jaw.

Hormones in the dock
Acne in adulthood can be due to stress, pollution and any factor that does not allow the skin to breathe, but the main cause is an alteration of hormone levels.

In fact, in adolescents acne appears following the increase in the level of hormones which, in general, returns to decrease after the stage of sexual development.

In adulthood there may be a new increase, especially in women, where hormonal balances are more complex. This is what happens, for example, in the premenstrual period, in pregnancy or if there are ovarian cysts; in all these cases, the production of androgens, male hormones, is increasing.

Even in stressful conditions there are always androgens, produced by the adrenal gland, to cause acne. Furthermore, the use of some drugs ( corticosteroids , androgens, anticonvulsants and products based on iodine , bromine or lithium) can lead to the formation of pimples on the upper part of the body, also involving the arms.

There are also forms of acne that are not caused directly by the hormones, such as the professional one. In these cases it is the exposure to environmental contaminants, such as dioxin or mineral oils, that determine the formation of pustules.

Acne tropicalis, on the other hand, is typical of places with a hot humid climate. Finally, the use of oil-based cosmetics can clog pores and thus cause yet another form of acne.

He treats himself like this
Solving this type of problem in adulthood is more complex than in adolescents. The skin is more sensitive to local treatments, carried out with substances that, by drying the skin, can cause redness and irritation.

In milder situations it is however possible to rely on products for topical use containing retinoids, but the best solution is to contact the dermatologist to choose the most suitable care for your skin type.

Healing can take anywhere from six weeks to three months, but in more difficult cases it is necessary to switch to oral medication.

The products based on salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, retinol and, in the most serious cases, isotretinoin are widely used . Antibiotics can also be prescribed to eliminate bacteria .

In women, however, if the disorder is caused by an alteration in hormone levels due to ovarian activity, the most effective remedies are hormonal therapies, such as taking the contraceptive pill.

Once recovered it is necessary to carry out a prevention therapy, because it is very likely that the disorder will recur.

Finally, there are useful measures to guarantee the best possible recovery. During the treatment it is better to avoid makeup or use non- fat cosmetics that let the skin breathe and do not clog the pores.

Furthermore it is good to use a mild face cleanser and sebum-regulating or astringent products, do not crush blackheads, eliminate the drugs, cosmetics or pollutants that caused the problem and try to limit the sources of stress.


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