IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – All the news of iOS 13 for iPhone

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – iPhone and iPad wear a new and elegant dark suit, and show it during the opening conference of WWDC 19, the annual press conference that Apple dedicates to the world of developers, during which Tim Cook and partners have officially unveiled the new iOS 13 for iPhone and the new iPadOS, a completely customized version of Apple’s OS, dedicated exclusively to the Cupertino company’s tablet. From the San Jose stage, the vertexes of the bitten apple presented all the main features of the new update, available starting this evening in beta for developers.

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – All the news of iOS 13 for iPhone
The first novelty of iOS 13 concerns the general speed of the operating system: the release with the Face ID will be 30% faster, the size of the applications will be reduced by 50% and app launch will be twice as fast. News also for the keyboard which, for the first time, can also be used with a swipe between the letters: it is a function that has long been expected on iOS, since on Android it has been present for several years now, almost from the beginning of the history of competing operating system.

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – More speed

Apple every time it launches a new operating system announces that its performance will be higher than those of the previous version. This has always been quite true over the last few years. In particular, iOS 12 was able to speed up even older iPhones that had been clogged by previous versions of iOS. Even for iOS 13 Apple emphasizes the speed increase. The Apple explains that Face ID unlocks 30% faster and the launch of the app is twice as fast. It remains to be seen that it will happen with phones like iPhone 6s the oldest of those that still remain compatible.

The techniques with which Apple manages to speed up the operating system resides, a factor explicitly mentioned in the Apple press release, as well as in an optimization of the basic code, also in a function for the automatic distribution of memory. This novelty, mentioned by EverythingApplePro, should attribute the memory to specific applications according to the user’s habits, in practice privileging those that are more used.

This should improve the speed of access and execution of the programs we love to keep at hand. At the moment, however, there are no technical confirmations on this technical detail.

In addition, Apple also counts on reducing the size of the apps. The downloads will be 50% smaller and with 60% smaller updates.

From what we understand, therefore, the improved performance referred to by Apple should be in terms of responsiveness, agility, speed to perform tasks not always closely related to the processor. This in any case translates into a reduction in the execution times of a command and overall in less dead times.

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – Dark mode

The dark mode, the so-called Dark mode, was probably the most known and predictable of the novelty from the interface point of view, so much so that many had practiced in imagining its appearance. It had been expected for a long time; after all, we already saw it on macOS Mojave and it was difficult to think that even the mobile operating system would not, sooner or later, introduce it. The advertising image of WWDC 2019 officially published by Apple appeared to be a reference to a Dark Mode.

According to some recent rumors, finally, the dark mode would not have been totally black, but dark gray. We could say sidereal gray if we were to speak with the Apple marketing language. The circulation there are some applications that reproduce this tint, among these Apollo For Reddit, but in the end what we have seen is in reality a totally black interface, as it was perceived also from some screens appearing shortly before the WWDC that also seemed to be the first “genuine” of the new interface in which we had seen precisely black screens. A black cast is very useful, as well as for elegance for those who have an iPhone with an Oiled screen. In fact on the displays of this type the black parts are not represented with a color, but with the simple pixel turned off, allowing an important energy saving.

Apple has provided a particularly interesting feature that aims to exploit the black color for the evening. Developers can in fact program this mode as automatic at sunset.

The day of iOS 13, all we know: news, release date, compatibility

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – Best battery management

Apple in iOS 13 has introduced a feature that improves battery performance. It is learned from the Internet page in the Apple web page that describes the news of iOS 13 in preview. Here we talk about “optimized battery charging”, a new option (the user can decide whether to activate it or not) that slows aging. of the battery reducing the time the iPhone passes completely idle. The iPhone, Apple explains, learns our daily loading routine by limiting the upload to over 80% until the user needs to use the device again, a process that Apple says should allow it to extend the life of the battery. Recall that, indeed,

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – Photos and video management

The expectations of a thorough review of the Photos app are confirmed. Now the whole system, which has a renewed interface with a composition of the “smart” gallery that chooses the best photos, organizes the presentation in an intelligent way making it possible to discover and see one’s memories in a dynamic way. What the machine learning process is trying to understand what your best shots are and as a consequence of this you present them in a more evident way, with a bigger dimension.

IOS 13 LATEST NEWS – Photos can be enlarged by plucking them directly from the gallery . For photos they are then presented by trying to identify them based on the type of event and by following a list for years. For example there will be birthday parties with a sequence that continues through the years, or mountain tours that you present, if it is your habit to go trekking often, for months

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