I admit, I didn’t think you saw so much was fake, in the picture: kill me. It’s winter , I don’t have a green thumb … be patient! : D Let’s move instead on that sweet tooth that stands out in the middle: a cheesecake that literally made me fall in love. In truth, I had been dreaming of a nice cake for weeks, maybe made with ricotta … but I was racking my brains on the base : I didn’t want to use butter, I didn’t want it to be heavy, but fresh and good even for summer . Well, in the end I stopped thinking about what was best between dates, oats, peanut butterand I decided that I would not be able to put the base, and what came out came out. Needless to say … look at it! It is splendid , and it was also delicious. The calories for the whole cake are around 1100 and so I divided it into six beautiful slices that made me super happy for the very successful ” invention ” (which is not an invention, in America – like everything else – they have been doing it for decades now). !).

Well, nothing prevents you from adding a biscuit base, of course! Just choose the ones you like best ( digestive , if you want to hear me), crumble them and add them to warmed butter or coconut oil … et voilà, you will have your classic cheesecake. Of course, watch out for intolerances: my recipe does not contain gluten, nor sugar and is low carb , set yourself accordingly.

The secret for a perfect and airy cake is definitely the whipped one : if you have a planetary , life will be simpler, but even with hand whips you should get by. Beat the eggs very well until they have tripled in volume. Even cooking is essential , otherwise you have a soufflé deflates when the oven is off. Let it cool down , then leave the oven door slightly open, and when it is cold, take it out.Erythritol is replaceable as always with sugar or with 50 grams of maple syrup or honey, while I advise you not to omit cornstarch, which will serve to give the cake its compactness.

INGREDIENTS (for a 22 cm mold | 6 slices):

3 Medium eggs
75 gr of Erythritol ( https://amzn.to/2ChNIgg )
100 ml of milk of your choice (I Almonds)
500 gr of cow’s milk ricotta
20 gr of Maizena
Frozen red fruits

1. Whip the eggs with erythritol (replaceable with sugar or another sweetener), in the meantime melt the cornstarch in cold milk.
2.Let’s mix the ricotta together with milk and cornstarch, obtaining a cream. When the eggs are assembled we can add it and continue to whip.
3.Pour everything into a mold lined with parchment paper, complete with red fruits.
Bake at 170 ° in a static oven for about 1 hour, check that it is well cooked also in the center, it 4.could even take an hour and 15 depending on the oven!
5.Let it cool down well before turning it and keep it in the fridge for 3/5 days.


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