There is a genetic predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes and, in fact, 40% of patients with this disease have at least one relative first degree diabetic. However, there are environmental factors and lifestyles that can favor the onset of type 2 diabetes. By correcting some wrong habits, much can be done to prevent diabetes and to treat it when the disease has already appeared. Let’s see below how to fight diabetes with a correct lifestyle.

Physical activity helps fight diabetes
L ‘ physical activity helps to consume glucose dissolved in the blood by reducing the blood sugar ; the muscles, in fact, use it as a kind of fuel. The movement also improves the effects of insulin, both that naturally present in the body and that which is administered to patients with insulin-dependent diabetes. Here are the reasons why a regular physical activity , adequate to the health conditions and age of the subject, helps to prevent and, at the same time, to keep against diabetes when the disease is already present.
Fight diabetes with proper nutrition
Another natural remedy for diabetes is eating properly. Against type 2 diabetes, limit the consumption of fats, especially those of animal origin, and distribute carbohydrates well throughout the day. Furthermore, it is essential to consume only complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta, legumes) and to take almost simple intake of simple carbohydrates (for example white sugar and honey). The feeding of the patient with type 2 diabetes cannot follow a do-it-yourself scheme; it is, in fact, very important to rely on the expert hands of a doctor and nutritionist also because, although there are universally valid general indications, these are only generic rules; the diet should then be customized based on the characteristics and needs of the person concerned.
Combat diabetes while maintaining a healthy weight
By correcting the diet and carrying out regular physical activity it is possible to obtain great results not only on type 2 diabetes, but also on the values ​​of blood pressure and cholesterol , thus greatly improving one’s general health conditions. You can also maintain or regain your weight, another condition that helps a lot against type 2 diabetes and many other diseases. The most dangerous fat is the central one, that is concentrated in the area of ​​the abdomen.
Other remedies to fight diabetes
There are natural substances that can help regulate the level of glucose in the blood and therefore can be an aid against type 2 diabetes. For example, eucalyptus has antioxidant and hypoglycemic properties; the elder flowers have been attributed to insulin-stimulating qualities; the myrtle , thanks to its activity, promotes the intestinal absorption of glucose. In fact, we would like to stress that type 2 diabetes is a very serious disease and, although it is often asymptomatic , it can be extremely dangerous. Feeling good can lead the patient to underestimate her and avoid therapy. To combat type 2 diabetes, one must resort to a treatment that includes natural remedies (ie movement and proper nutrition) and traditional drug therapy. It is therefore essential to change one’s lifestyle and diet, maintain normal body weight (or regain one’s weight) and follow the instructions provided by the doctor. Not following the therapy (pharmacological or not), advised by your doctor, can put the patient at serious risk.
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