A method that is as simple as it is effective in cleaning up cholesterol arteries ? Thirty minutes of aerobic activity per day. And it will not be just the heart to thank.

Who does not know is because he does not want to know: moving is good. Indeed it is fundamental for the well-being of all, at any age.

How many times have we heard from doctors and wellness professionals? But, cardiologists recommend, it is even more so for those with a high cardiovascular risk.

The number one medicine
From overweight to osteoporosis , from cardiovascular diseases to diabetes and depression . There is no disorder, even a serious one, that does not benefit from regular, even moderate, physical activity.

In short, those who want to live a hundred years (and above all in good health) must leave the armchair for a daily walk of at least half an hour. It will be the healthiest habit we can ever adopt.

If we also have a little high cholesterol, moving becomes a real necessity. Here are all the useful tips to overcome the hypercholesterolemia that silently undermines our arteries and cardio and cerebrovascular health.

Very little, as long as aerobic
To keep the arteries clean there is no need for some kind of sporting performance; the essential points are only two: that it is an aerobic exercise and that it is carried out gradually, but almost daily.

The top five anti-cholesterol activity?

A brisk walk
A bike trip
Half an hour of swimming
Cross country skiing
As you can see, there is something for everyone. But if we’re not used to any of this, it’s not an excuse to turn a blind eye. There is no minimum level of movement to get benefits: a little activity, whatever it is, is always better than nothing.

We could start by implementing some easy good deeds:

Avoid using the machine for small movements
Get off the public transport one or two stops before the place of arrival and continue on foot
Going to work on foot or by bicycle
Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator (for at least two or three floors)
Playing with children (children or grandchildren …)
Take the dog for a walk for two or three kilometers
At least five days a week
Whatever activity you choose, the difficulty, in general, is not only being able to do it every day, but above all to continue for years.

As for quantity, the rules of common sense must be followed. Those who only have high cholesterol can afford to “push” a little more on the accelerator; on the contrary, those who have an unstable clinical situation (for example, if a person is unbalanced or suffer from angina), better follow the advice of their cardiologist.

Anyway, a rule that applies to everyone is to start, every time, very gradually: this allows us to gradually increase the heart rate and increase the pressure slightly.

In this way there is only a slight intensification of the effort of the heart, but in any case the expenditure of energy is significantly increased.

Reduces fats , improves Hdl / Ldl profile
In thirty minutes of aerobic work the energy necessary for the production of heat, which at first is taken from the sugars, then exhausts the reserves of fat such as cholesterol.

There will also be an increase in high-density lipoproteins (Hdl) and therefore of good cholesterol, with an improvement in the profile between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.


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