. The right physical activity at any age
. Benefits for body and mind
. Never stop even if age progresses
A sedentary lifestyle must be fought at all ages, since sport and physical activity have beneficial effects on our metabolism and health.

Getting around is always good, at all ages, and has beneficial effects on the metabolism. In this regard, there are continuous confirmations. In particular, a group of scholars published a study, published in the Journal of Diabetes Research, according to which during the exercise the organism produces a molecule called irisin, responsible for the positive effects of physical activity on the metabolism.

The greatest benefits would be on sensitivity and insulin resistance . The study suggests a correlation between sports performance, insulin sensitivity and irisin levels.

It has also been hypothesized that just two hours a week of physical activity do so well that they gain six years of life. Furthermore, according to a recent study conducted in Denmark, motion could reduce the risk of mortality by 44%.

But the Italians, according to Eurobarometer, are among the most sedentary peoples in Europe: 60% admit not to practice sport or physical activity, against a European average of 42%.

The right physical activity at any age
But how much movement is needed to stay healthy? According to the World Health Organization, at least 150 minutes per week must be made: 30 minutes of walking a day for five days a week.

In adults, both aerobic and muscle strength are important. By combining the two types of physical exercise many health benefits are obtained, and the body is helped to prevent the onset of even serious illnesses.

For children and young people it takes at least an hour a day of moderate or intense movement, even playing, for example at the ball.

Benefits for body and mind
Movement is good even after the age of 55: it not only helps the muscles , but also the brain. In fact, regular physical activity enhances cognitive functions, countering the passing of the years.

The recommendations are particularly valid for menopausal women . Moving with regularity favors the formation of new bone tissue counteracting the risk of osteoporosis . And it is also useful for keeping the joints “trained”.

Physical activity then helps to combat depression and insomnia, frequent ailments in these years. Walking, swimming and exercising are good for heart health and help keep weight under control.

Never stop even if age progresses
And in the third age we certainly don’t have to sit down. Moderate physical activity has many benefits for the elderly, for example it helps prevent cardiovascular disease and enhances memory. At least 75% of people over the age of 65 do not carry out physical activity at the recommended levels, despite the known health benefits. Strength decreases with age and this reduction can compromise the functionality of the musculoskeletal system.

There are different types of physical activities suitable for the elderly, such as long walks, swimming, cycling. The important thing is to ask your family doctor for advice about what can be done without risk, starting gradually. And health will have great benefits!


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