watching TIMTV Serie A games on your smartphone or computer?

If you are looking for a device that turns your TV into a smart TV but you want an instrument with features superior to those on the Chromecast key, then Apple TV is the gadget for you. Designed primarily for streaming movies and TV shows on your home TV, this great media player has become much more over time. So much so that many users use it as video game consoles, others as a tool to control home appliances, others to listen to music and watch movies in streaming. Let’s see all there is to know about the Apple TV how it works, what it is for, how much it costs and how to configure it.

What is the Apple TV

The first thing to know about the Apple TV is that it is not a TV. The definition that best fits the device produced by the Cupertino company is that of a media player, or of a device that allows the use of audio and video files. However, as we have already anticipated, the Apple TV is also equipped with other functions very interesting and superior to the pure performance of music, movies or games. Among these, one of the most fascinating in our opinion, is the ability to remotely control home appliances thanks to the Casa App . Our guide, however, will focus on the role of Apple TV as a system that allows the use of audio and video content on the home TV screen. So let’s see the Apple TV how it works.

A series by Spielberg, a TV show by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston and a TV series with Jason Momoa. But not only. Noteworthy is the presence of Oprah Winfrey among the exclusive personalities of the new service. Apple presented a large carousel of stars and original content, but without showing anything concrete during the conference. No trailer was shown, just the concept behind the various projects and a montage of all the proposals. Certainly the focus will be on in-house apple productions and not on existing and externally produced shows. For those Apple will rely on the Apple TV application which will include cable channels and services like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu and related catalogs.

The service will obviously be subscription-based, available starting in autumn 2019 in over 100 countries. Italy is therefore likely to be included in the initial release of the service. On the other hand, relying on main content, Apple does not need to work to obtain TV series and film rights, an element that would have slowed if not blocked the arrival of the apple platform in many markets. However, Apple has not disclosed the monthly cost of the service.

Oprah Winfrey’s shows
“There has never been a time like this,” said Winfrey. “We have this unique opportunity to use technology and our humanity to the fullest. We want to be heard, but we must also listen. This is why I’m joining forces with Apple.” Certainly in the United States the presence of Winfrey is a huge point in favor of the streaming service of the apple, which can count on one of the biggest figures in the entire history of US television. There will be two proposals related to Winfrey: a documentary on abuses at work called “Toxic Labor” and a series on mental health


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