Now iPhone user also can record voice calls. Not only iPhone any mobile phone that supports Bluetooth headset. It can record any phone calls and also any social calling app. So your are now able to record any WhatsApp, Viver, line, skype, google voice calls or any other online calling app.

Features of our Bluetooth Call Recorder Earphone

1. Bluetooth 4.2, low power consumption.
2. Connect Bluetooth to answer the phone, effectively avoid cellphone radiation.
3. Communication distance can reach about 10 m.
4. Easy operation with voice reminder.
5. Automatic delete function, need not delete files manually.
6. Built in 200mAh lithium battery.
7. Compatible to work with iPhone and Android cellphone.

Android devices are supported as well for recording, but line control function for volume +/- etc will not work with Android devices.

Main Functions:

1. Automatically record when phone connected, automatically stop recording when the call ends.
2. Automatic answer and message leaving function.
3. Built in clock chip, recording files named with date and time.
4. Can copy the recording files out from the earphone to computer via USB cable.


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