Drinking plenty of water is crucial to any diet, and people with diabetes tend to lose water faster than others because the body uses it to flush away excess glucose. Drinking water to prevent diabetes is about keeping your system running smoothly and tamping down cravings for less healthy foods. Plain water is all you need, but sometimes you may want a bit more flavor to keep things interesting.

Try infusing your water with fresh fruits or vegetables. Popular choices are lemon or cucumber slices, but feel free to get creative. A splash of pomegranate juice, for example, adds a fun zing to your water as well as a pleasing color and helpful antioxidants.

Tea drinkers can switch to iced tea after their morning cup and flavor it with lemon, peppermint, or cinnamon. Another fun idea is to make flavored ice cubes to put in your beverages. You can add straight juice, or muddle your favorite fruit or veggie a bit before placing a piece into each compartment in the cube tray.


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