Protein is the mechanism by which our muscles, hair, and other tissues are built and repaired. It’s an important part of any healthy diet, especially because our bodies don’t store it and constantly need a new supply. Several popular diets recommend very high protein and low carb diets for weight loss, but we don’t recommend it for a diabetes-prevention diet.

Keto or low carb diets tend to eschew things like fruit and vegetables, meaning that you’ll miss critical nutrients and fiber. It’s better to eat a balanced diet of protein, healthy fats, and then carbs. Smart protein choices are Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, nuts, and lean meats.

The best diet to prevent diabetes is one in which the majority of your food is fruit and vegetable. This ensures a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins.

However, things like dairy products and lean meats are also okay. Just steer clear of products made with refined white flour, which will spike blood sugar through the roof. Always choose organic to reduce your risk of developing diabetes by exposure to pesticides!


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