The diet of the plants is a diet, which as anticipated by the same name, is based on ingesting food of plant origin . The diet in question, as DiLei reminds us, is approved by the Harvard Medical School, and allows us to lose weight already after 3 weeks from its beginning, and above all, to prevent the onset of cancer, without thinking about the miracle. In the diet of plants, foods such as meat and dairy products are not excluded a priori, but importance is given to quantities and especially to foods of plant origin. The diet in question provides all the nutrients for a healthy diet, from proteins to fats, through carbohydrates, and if the “patient” is vegan, it will need to be supplemented with vitamin B12.

Anyone wishing to eat food of plant origin, should fill at least half of the vegetable dish, both for lunch and dinner. It will also be fundamental to vary the colors of the chosen vegetables, which in addition to being good for the mood, will make it possible to ensure the different properties provided by the vegetables we have chosen. Experts also advise changing the way we see meat, which must pass from being the main course, to a sort of “outline” of plant foods: only by entering this perspective will we be able to follow this new diet. Among the products highly recommended in this diet, olive oil, oilseeds and avocado, foods that contain good fats of vegetable origin, which are used to fight free radicals. Finally, it is important to eat fruit as a dessert, a food that contains carbohydrates, especially apples and peaches.


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