Nest Hub has arrived, the new Google home assistant with a 7-inch display. To keep all your smart devices, music and the most beautiful photographs under control. Find out how it works.
Customization , ease of use for all and respect for privacy . These are the watchwords that distinguish the brand new Nest Hub , the latest addition to the Google Nest family presented today in Milan. At first glance it looks like a digital photo frame , with a beautiful and elegant design. But behind the aesthetics there is much more. It is in fact a device that introduces a new type of interaction with the smart devices of the house and Google services : to the voice is added a visual feedback , thanks to the presence of a 7 inch touch displaydesigned to be even more useful and functional in managing daily activities. Continue reading the next few lines to learn all the details of the Google Nest Hub.

Technical features
I have already mentioned the big news of the new Google assistant on the screen. It rests on a pedestal with fabric finishes that aesthetically recalls the other devices in the Google Nest range. Available in light gray and anthracite gray colors , Nest Hub is compact and adapts perfectly to any type of furniture or lighting , thanks also to the presence of an environmental equalizer that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the surrounding light. It is equipped with a wide-range double microphone , which can be deactivated with a special switch, and a volume rocker integrated. The use is very simple and intuitive: to access the control panel simply slide your finger on the display from above true down. In Italy, Google Nest Hub will be available for purchase from 12 June at a price of 129 euros .

What can we do with Google Nest Hub?
The heart of the new device is obviously Google Assistant with which we can interact vocally to request information of various types (for example weather forecasts, latest news, scheduled appointments, road journeys) and check the connected smart devices (not only Google Nest), such as lights, TVs, thermostats and video cameras both indoors and outdoors.
Google Nest Hub is able to recognize and manage up to 6 different voices and customize the user experience according to the various users (Voice Match). The answers he returns are not only vocal, but also visual.

Of course multitasking is one of its strengths: for example, if we are in the kitchen, we can ask Nest Hub for a recipe and at the same time start the timer to check cooking times, search for a pizzeria on Google Maps and listen to our favorite radio station. In short, we can carry out more activities together and move from one to the other in peace.

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Google Nest Hub is not just Smart Home
But it doesn’t end there. The new Nest Hub is also music and photos . In fact, the device integrates a full-range speaker with which we can listen to YouTube Music and Spotify (for free). To report also 3 months of YouTube Premium in regal o. Furthermore, with the multiroom function , you can do much more: spread the music throughout your home with Google Home speakers. The last feature concerns the possibility to set the Ambien t mode thanks to which Nest Hub turns into a digital frame to show our most beautiful albums on Google Photos, automatically adding only thebetter quality shots , without duplicates or blurred images.


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