Too often we think of salads as the forgettable first course to a real meal, or the exclusive domain of dieters. We ignore the fact that salad is an infinitely customizable dish, packed with flavor and nutrition, which can actually be quite filling and satisfying. Eating some salad every day provides a host of health benefits, including weight loss, but encompassing so much more.

Salads can also be unhealthy, depending on how you build them. Too much fatty dressing or rich cheese can kill some of the health benefits. But we’re not saying to skip the tasty toppings all together. The key is in the proportion of ingredients. The right balance of your favorite greens, vegetables, fruits, and proteins is sure to create a thrilling flavor profile that doesn’t need a ton of dressing.

And don’t forget – if you don’t have the time or energy to toss your own diverse salad at home, you can buy them prepared almost anywhere food is sold, including fast food restaurants. Still not convinced? We’ve got a list of reasons why eating some salad every day is a fantastic habit to pick up.


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