2019 has been a standout year for the urban Indian music scene. From big brand lead events, to larger than life star-studded music-focused blockbusters, to a plethora of international DJs and musicians touring the country, it has been incredible. The energy is more potent than ever and it seems like the only way we have to go now, is onwards and upwards.

For somebody who has been a consumer and an active participant of this scene for a few years now, I can’t say I’m not excited about the future and all of the potential that’s flowing through the veins of the culture right now.

With that being said let’s breakdown some of the key moments from the past year and shine some light on all the work being done:

1. Magnetic Fields 2018- Well, this one is kind of cheating since it happened in 2018, but I would be remiss if I didn’t start this list with everyone’s favourite event of the year and the way a lot of us love to close out the year.

This edition of the festival saw some of the biggest DJs (Daphni, Bicep and Midland) and bands headline as well as the most number of attendees in the festival’s history. The festival also saw a lot of big brand integrations and a lot of international music media coverage. This instalment has quite firmly set Mag Fields as top tier international festival that nobody can ignore any longer.

2. ‘Gully Boy’ Release – Probably the biggest movie of the year so far, ‘Gully Boy’ exposed the Indian hip hop scene to a diverse audience which left everyone and their mothers chanting ‘Apna Time Aayega’ when they’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the ATM.

On a more serious note though, the movie was a phenomenon, Indian hip hop started a new chapter in its transition from underground to mainstream and previously unknown rappers became household names the country over. It’s also worth mentioning the financial interest that spiked soon after the release, with branded sponsorships from brands like Budweiser, Puma, Amazon. Levis and more bringing the local talent to a national and global spotlight.


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