An increasingly hot climate in Barcelona, but the heat of these days has nothing to do with it. Warming up the environment, made even more incandescent by the resignation of President Bartomeu’s right-hand man , is the market and in particular Antoine Griezmann and Neymar . The Frenchman, who has been blocked since March and will be announced next week, does not enjoy the estimate of the locker room after the no of last season. Messi, in turn, pushes for the return of his friend Neymar, but in the home blaugrana the accounts in the salary item do not add up.

All done for Griezmann, but the dressing room – with Messi in the lead – wants Neymar. Woe in sight, therefore, for President Bartomeu, who in March blocked the French and can no longer turn back due to very high penalties. At the time there was not the slightest hint of the mad desire of Neymar to return to Catalonia after the stormy farewell of two years ago, but now the possible return of the Brazilian, supported by the flea, is likely to make the salary bounce jump. Because with Messi at 50 million net per year of salary and Suarez at 16 it is difficult to think of paying another 18 to Griezmann and Neymar about 22. Not to mention the need to sell to make cash: Coutinho and Dembélé are those who have more market , but to make room for O Ney you have to sacrifice an immigrant: Malcolm, Vidal or Arthur, with the

Following the resignation of Jordi Mestre and the news of an alleged rupture in the locker room, President Josep Maria Bartomeu held a press conference in which, inevitably, he also spoke of Neymar: “The resignation of Mestre has nothing to do with Neymar “There were discrepancies between the sports area and the directive area, and this, together with other reasons, led him to make this decision. We know that Neymar wants to leave the PSG, but also that the PSG does not want it to go away. “So there’s no case. We don’t like to talk about players from other clubs, just like we don’t like them talking about ours. Dembelé? For me it’s stronger than Neymar, we want you to stay here. Messi asked Neymar ? A legend, players don’t ask for purchases, they just play.On Griezmann I tell you a secret: “Yesterday there was a meeting in Madrid between our CEO, Oscar Grau, and Atletico’s managing director, Miguel Angel Gil, to talk about the subject, but I can’t say anything more “.


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