In France, tradition has it that our breakfast consists of sweet products. This is a very bad habit that the French have trouble getting rid of. On the menu, pastries, brioche, buttered toast with jam … Industrial fruit juices and coffee are also at the rendezvous. And if you have always adopted bad practices? Here’s how sweet breakfast is bad.

The sweet breakfast is not balanced
Although it must be admitted that it looks appetizing, the sweet breakfast is not a balanced meal. Consuming it every morning is even bad for your health. To be healthy, your morning meal should include all the macronutrients your body needs. Making sure you consume a good source of each one of them will help your body cope better with the day. In the morning, proteins and lipids are absolutely essential. And yet, among the nutrients forgotten at breakfast are often protein. They are the ones whose mission is to ensure the proper functioning of the body, as well as its maintenance. Our body does not store them, so you have to have regular inputs.

On the other hand, sweet breakfasts have the big disadvantage of being too acidic. This has a bad impact on your blood pH, which then promotes the action of free radicals in the body. These molecules are responsible for various diseases (cancers, cardiovascular diseases) and accelerated aging of our cells ( 1 ). The foods concerned include jams, pastries, coffee and industrial fruit juices.

Finally, breakfasts made of sugar are too rich in saturated fats. A balanced breakfast should therefore contain lipids in the form of polyunsaturated or unsaturated fatty acids. Finally, these essential fatty acids also have a considerable impact on bad cholesterol ( 2 ).

A breakfast that disrupts our metabolism
The sweet breakfast consists mainly of fast sugars. As we know, this can have many negative impacts on our body. To stay fit and healthy, do not neglect the proper functioning of the metabolism. And sugar has a particularly negative effect on it . Indeed, a meal rich in sugar acts directly on the production of insulin. This is because sugar is easily absorbed by our body. Thus, once ingested, sugar produces a sharp rise in insulin levels in the body


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