Spring is one of the seasons in which there is really a great abundance of fruit, which can be used to make homemade preserves, to be consumed at other times of the year, to have products available with simple ingredients, without preservatives and far less elaborate than the alternatives found among supermarket shelves. An example is the strawberry jam , in a version with a reduced quantity of sugar (you can use the one of integral cane). Of course it is a caloric preparation, to be consumed in moderation, both for adults and children. Remember also that, given the reduced sugar content, this jam is preserved for less than that with more sugar, and once opened it always goes in the refrigerator.

Fresh strawberries, without the addition of sugar, are very rich in water and do not have many calories, but the contribution changes when it comes to jam, which provides (even if little, as in this recipe) the presence of sugar . Strawberries also have an excellent content of vitamin C , phosphorus and potassium, which makes them an excellent seasonal fruit.

Strawberry jam without refined sugar
Preparation time 5 h
Cooking time 4 h
1 kg ripe strawberries
250 g brown cane sugar
qb water
Wash and clean the strawberries, removing the stalk, and cut them into small pieces.
Put the strawberries in a large saucepan with a thick bottom, so that the fruit does not stick during cooking. Add the sugar and two tablespoons of water and cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon.
When fruit and sugar begin to amalgamate, lower the heat and keep stirring occasionally. If you prefer an even more even consistency, you can blend the jam with the blender, removing it from the stove for a few minutes.
Cook for at least 2 hours and in any case until your jam is firm enough. If you prefer, before potting you can use a strainer with enough tight mesh to eliminate the seeds of the strawberries.
Pour the jam when it is still hot, in jars that are not too large, which you have sterilized by boiling. Close the jar with a new cap and turn it upside down to make the vacuum. Let the jars rest upside down overnight before storing them.


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