We understand that traditional farmers need to make money, but the common practice of spiking animal feed with antibiotics and growth hormones is patently dangerous to consumers. Yes, a virus that wipes out an entire herd can be extremely costly to the farmer.

But giving the animals antibiotics “just in case” means that millions of people are also taking antibiotics when they eat the meat. This is quickly pushing us toward the place where antibiotics won’t be effective against viruses that have evolved to laugh in the face of medicine.

This process happens naturally, but the fact that most of us are now taking antibiotics all the time in our food has sped it up to the point that science can’t compensate fast enough.

When it comes to growth hormones, the producers get bulkier animals and more meat without using more feed. Consumers who eat the meat risk early onset of puberty, tumors, increased cancer risk, and genetic problems. Growth hormones in milk (rBGH or rBST) are genetically modified and are directly linked to cancer, especially in women.


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