Regular massages are great for the body as they stimulate circulation and help loosen tight muscles. But while many of us know when we need to get our shoulders worked on, it may never occur to us to massage our faces. That’s crazy, especially because you need not even go to a professional to get it done.

Instead, invest in a good face massager with multi-angle rollers that can be purchased at a beauty supply store or online. Choose one that fits the contours of your face nicely and use it daily while watching tv or reading. It feels great and you won’t be bored.

The increased circulation will refresh your appearance and impart a healthy glow. Because the face has over 40 muscles that can cause wrinkles when tense, face massage also reduces these signs of aging. And finally, facial massage helps to relieve the stress and tension that can give you a worn and aged appearance. What’s not to love?


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