Proteins are universal, indispensable nutrients that are not stored in the human body, so proteins should be consumed daily. According to dietary recommendations, about 80% of the edible protein could come from vegetable raw materials and the remaining 20% ​​could be of animal origin.

Protein foods of animal origin are meat, fish, eggs and cheeses. Protein is a variety of legumes, including lentils, which are also included in the recipe below.

If possible, use minced beef from the beef, which has the best taste. But the juicer adds zucchini to the juices. As an alternative to meat, Feta cheese, which is also protein rich, is perfectly suited to the same salad.

cattle kittensBeef-zucchini packets (4)
300 g of beef minced meat
about 10 cm of zucchini
sea ​​salt
freshly ground black pepper
0.5 teaspoon chilli (if desired)
1 tablespoon tomato paste
fresh thyme
1 egg
oil frying
Protein-rich recipe: beef-zucchini packets with lentil saladLens Salon (4)
about 50 g of red lenses
16 cherry tomatoes
2 avocados
8 radishes
a handful of alfalfa ideas
1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
Salad dressing
0.5 dl of cold pressed olive oil
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon of whole-grain steaks (Dijon)
if necessary, a little salt
freshly ground black pepper
Preparation time 30-40 minutes. Instructions:
Start making meals with the preparation of cutlets. Grate the zucchini with a coarse grater and place it in a bowl with minced meat and mix with each other. Add sequentially – seasoning, salt, pepper, chilli, tomato paste and thyme, if desired (only leafy sticks from the pike stalks, thyme stalks are too rigid to eat). Also, add the egg and mix the cutlet cooker evenly.

Shape the flavored minced ham and bake them in a lightly coated hot pan on both sides for maximum 1 minute. Raise the cutlets in the oven and bake for another 15 minutes in a 220-degree oven.

Make the salad during the ripening of the cutlets. Boil the lentils in thyme and salt water for about 7 minutes; Avoid overflow. For salads it is better if the lenses are lightly al dente or their texture is felt. Strain the lenses and cool them under cold water.

Cut avocado, cherry tomatoes and radishes and place them in a bowl. Add cooked lentils and alfalfa idols, as well as roasted sunflower seeds. Mix salad with cold-pressed olive oil, lemon juice and add a full-grain grease to taste. Drizzle the sauce on the salad just before making the cutlets. Lastly, pick up the salad cutlet.


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