Buying a home is absolutely one of life’s most important choices. According to last year’s ISTAT data, around 80% of Italians live in their own homes.Large or small, in the center or on the outskirts, rustic or modern, for Italians the home is a must.

It goes without saying that the purchase of a home is, given its importance, the largest investment that most Italian families face during their lives. It is not just an economic investment, but also an emotional one . The choice of a home often coincides with fundamental moments in a person’s life, in some ways it represents the first brick for building one’s independence or one’s life as a couple and family. This is why it is essential to ponder and evaluate all aspects, so as to avoid making a “tummy” decision that you may regret later.

We come then to the advice of the grandmother, those to be understood that will allow you to invest your money and your emotions in the best way, without disappointment and second thoughts.

Here’s what to evaluate before signing the deed:

Who from you buy the house?
Are you buying from a private individual or through an agency? The question is fundamental because, if you are buying from a private individual, you will have to pay particular attention to the reliability of the seller . Making sure that the seller you are in contact with is the real owner of the house may seem trivial, but will keep you away from any scams. There are also some aspects to take into consideration, not least the fact that the owner of the house is or is not in communion of the goods. For the series “between wife and husband do not put your finger” it is necessary that both parties are consenting otherwise the sale cannot be made. The real estate agency allows you to have greater guarantees, at least from the bureaucratic – administrative point of view, but obviously provides for additional costs that must be taken into consideration for the evaluation of your budget.

Make sure all the documents are in place
It is true, this bureaucratic activity has little to do with the emotion of the first house, but trust you, it is absolutely necessary. In particular you will have to verify that there are no rights of heirs on the property, so it is necessary that you request the deed of origin of the property, be it a deed, a donation or a succession. A further check is related to the cadastral situation to verify that the property is regularly registered with the Land Agency and that the archived plan corresponds to the current one of the house. The cadastral survey will also allow you to make sure that the property is actually habitable: trusting is good, not trusting is better.

Pay attention to hidden costs, in addition to the purchase costs
Remember that the cost of the house is not the only one you will have to bear. To protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, compile a list of the costs you will incur. Any examples?

• If the house is new, check that the specifications are to your liking, otherwise enter an additional cost item for everything you want to replace by contract

• If the house has already been inhabited, make a detailed list of what you intend to replace , starting with the bathroom fixtures up to the installation verification

• Furniture and furnishings : they are an important cost, especially if you have to buy them all new. The advice is to start with the “indispensable” and, calmly, to “bocce ferme” to plan further expenses

• Monthly charges : make a survey with respect to the average annual costs of the condominium expenses and make sure that the previous owner has remedied any debts, otherwise they could fall on you.

Watch out for implants
Make sure that all the systems of the house have a certification of conformity issued by the company that took care of the individual plants. This certification governs the construction, maintenance and design of building systems, as required by Ministerial Decree 37/2008.

We are done with grandma’s advice, in fact here is the last one, not least: imagine your life inside those walls, if your eyes light up, it’s the right choice.


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