Many people know in theory that breakfast is the most important meal that provides energy and a successful start for the whole day, but there are still many who, without time or appetite, are leaving home.

We’ll try to explain a little why these valuable extra minutes could still be found in your morning. We also try to share some good tips that you can pin down when the appetite really isn’t.

The good thing to put behind your ear is, however, to actually start the day with a glass of water to help you wake up your stomach. The liquid consumed at night should be restored and a glass of lemon flavored water is perfect for this. Liquids consumed next to the food dilute the gastric juice and therefore water in the morning glass can be consumed about half an hour before eating. Of course, people get used to taking coffee or tea after waking up and it is difficult to change this habit.

Why is breakfast necessary?
The best moment to prepare yourself for the whole day is to have good energy at breakfast. Ideally, the energy from breakfast could be almost a quarter of the day’s menu.

Energy is needed in the morning, especially because the body has used up the reserves of stored carbohydrates overnight and needs supplementation. The energy you get from a meal that has been eaten after awakening stabilizes blood sugar levels in our blood, muscles and liver. Leaving breakfast, the liver has to start using its own glucose reserves, but the effectiveness of the body decreases. Concentration problems arise, it is difficult to commit to learning or working.

Slow line keepers should know that breakfast-derived carbohydrates go into use immediately for the active day, and so do not deposit them as fat. So it makes no sense to give up on the first meal of the day as you diet. According to various studies, decent breakfast eaters are less likely to eat during the day and are therefore better able to control weight.

Ideally, you can consume more slowly absorbed, so-called good carbohydrates in the morning , which gradually give you energy. Slow or low glycemic index carbohydrates affect the blood sugar less and the feeling of fullness lasts longer. Whole grain products and root, fruit and vegetables (including legumes) are the sources from which you should get your good carbs. So you are well equipped with energy and blood sugar does not rise too fast.

What if there is no appetite?
There are a lot of people who complain that in the morning, the only idea is to get sick of a large amount of food. Often only a cup of coffee is captured. According to Pille Õun, nutrition adviser and member of the Estonian Nutrition Advisors Association, it is not possible to give prescribed instructions and tips because people are very different. “One wakes up early and eats well in the morning, others are late risers who don’t want to eat in the morning. And those who do not eat feel guilty. But the body is different, the rhythm of life is different, lifestyle is different, ”explained Apple, that nobody needs to worry about panic, if nothing really goes down.

However, since the body needs some extra energy to launch itself, after a glass of lemon water, those who do not have great appetite in the morning will have to take something very small or light. One fruit or glass of natural juice already gives a lot. If there is any time, the light smoothie is also in its own place.

A healthy breakfast is a fiber and vitamin rich mash
Whole porridge is a healthy breakfast that contains the necessary carbohydrates and fiber.
Whole porridge is a healthy breakfast that contains the necessary carbohydrates and fiber.

A well-known and good breakfast is, of course, a porridge that can be boiled from different, preferably whole, flakes with both milk and water. Particularly delicious meals can be made by mixing (frozen) berries, fresh fruit (such as apple or banana) and dried fruit (such as plums or apricots).

What kind of porridge you should prefer depends on the taste, it is only important to make sure that it is made of whole grain rye. You can also boil the whole corn flour very successfully.

“All the porridges are full-fledged, with the good qualities of whole grain,” Pille Õun emphasized. “Whether or not to be prepared with milk will again depend on the taste preferences and the tolerance of the organism. If you are allergic to milk, you can use coconut milk or boil water, ”explained Apple, who advised to prefer water-cooked dishes.

Water is better suited to baking porridge, as milk and cereals are often present in other meals and so the body does not have to digest one more protein. In addition to berries and fruits, honey and cinnamon are also suitable for seasoning. Of course, the porridge does not always have to be sweet, and according to taste, a bit of salt can be done successfully.

“A ground seed mixture of sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seed can be added to the porridge, providing the right amount of fatty acids to the body, plus fiber for better intestinal function and vitamins and minerals,” Apple added.

If the porridge does not have the taste and / or time to prepare it, it is worth looking at the different muesli that are rich in fiber and fill well in the stomach. It is very successful to make a tasty muesli at home. Roast simply oatmeal with butter or brown sugar, you can also use honey as a sweetener. Various dried berries, roasted nuts and seeds are suitable as additives. According to taste preferences, the muesli can be supplemented with either non-flavored yogurt or milk.

Breakfast pellets are not recommended for Pille Apple, because of their high sugar content and low fiber content. “Breakfast cereals could be left in the top spot,” he stressed. However, those who are accustomed to flakes and want a healthier alternative could swing to eco-stores, such as flake, corn or cinema flakes.

Sandwich is also good
According to the recommendations of the National Institute for Health Development, a sandwich, such as a porridge, is well-suited for breakfast. Bread could have as little energy as possible but rich in fiber. The cream can be used as a cream cheese, after a thin light ham, cheese, plus plenty of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green herb.

According to the R & D & I suggestions, the makra is also suitable for the sandwich, but the nutritional advisor Pille Õun believes that the value of this food is somewhat doubtful. “Prefer natural foods rather than modified or chemically processed. If you want to fish, use the fish on the bread if you want meat products, still meat, not cheese, meat and sausage-like products. If somebody wants to eat a macro, then you can eat, but keep a border and be cautious about such products, ”advised Apple.

Instead of bread, always choose bread for sandwich making and choose whole grain products. It is especially good if the packaging also has the words “unrefined” or “untreated” or “fiber rich”, which is always a good guide. Eating too much bread can also lead to a deficiency of vitamin B in addition to a harsher waist circumference.

In the morning, a nice and healthy sandwich can also be used for a variety of vegetable sandwiches made from, for example, avocado or olives that contain good unsaturated fats. Some useful recipes can be found at the end of the article.

In the morning, people often prefer pancakes, which would otherwise not fit into a healthy menu. Here, too, it is possible to find slightly better alternatives to traditional white wheat flour cakes.

“Pancakes can be made healthy if you use wholemeal or spinach meal instead of wheat flour, or try buckwheat, rice or oatmeal instead,” Apple gave tips. recommends that Apple use raw or untreated jams, but not regular sugar, as there is no need for excessively processed substances in the body.

Protein is also suitable for breakfast
If wholemeal porridge is not for your taste or just looking for alternation, then egg dishes are also good for breakfast. A delicious omelette with vegetables or boiled eggs is a good alternative to traditional sandwiches. Egg butter can also be made from egg or cooked with beans and bacon.

Egg white is an excellent source of protein, helps to build the body and take care of muscle growth and metabolism. The old-fashioned relationship between egg and cholesterol can be forgotten in peace today. Eggs contain cholesterol, but the amount of eggs eaten can cholesterol levels to a very small extent. According to Pille Õun, cholesterol is not something to be feared; There is also lecithin in the egg, which instead stabilizes cholesterol.

The English breakfast is also healthy

Likewise, with a light heart, you can also enjoy the English-speaking morning meal with eggs, bacon and beans, but still within reasonable limits. “Just like any foodstuff in case of excessive consumption, it is harmful to the body, too, with bacon,” explained the nutritionist. “Bacon is a good source of saturated fat, but it has to be kept to the limit. If it is possible to obtain bacon without additives, it is a better choice than with additives. The more natural the product is, the better. ”

Usually, English breakfast also includes canned tomato sauce, which should be washed under water flowing through the sieve before eating. This is because canned liquid can remove necessary minerals from the body. “Beans are good sources of protein, contain fiber and essential amino acids (such as lysine) and are also a good source of carbohydrates,” Pille said.

Omelet with beans is a good combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Adding natural bacon to them, there are also fats. By adding olive oil and fresh salad based on lemon juice, the proportion of unsaturated fats is also present.

“Egg is a nutritious foodstuff. If you took the slice of whole grain bread aside, then the bean-bread combination provides the essential amino acids needed on both sides and is equivalent to the amino acids obtained from the meat, ”explained Pille Õun. “So the combination of beans and cereals is equivalent to meat.”

Dairy products fit well in the morning
Alternatively, you can prepare your own meals in the morning for homemade cheese or unflavoured yogurt and curd. According to taste, berries, fruits or other things can be added to them. For example, home-made cheese is cooked with a variety of vegetables and herbs, and many prefer to add fish or mushrooms that already provide a full meal.

Yoghurt and fruit or berries can also be used to make a delicious smoothie, which can be mixed with some spoonfuls of muesli or whole wheat flakes. The smoothies are light, quickly absorbed and good for quick mornings.
“Smilies can also be warm,” said Pille Õun, a nutritionist. When the smoothie is usually associated with summer mornings, the warm smoothies are a pleasant morning alarm in the winter. “A warm smoothie can be made from warm tea, milk or juice, for example, by mixing berries, fruits, or spinach. A drink mixed with a mixer is good for holding the thermos. Here are some tips here.

Vegetable Bread Recipes
Olive paste, or tapenade, is traditionally made from black olives, anchovies and capers.

200 g of pitted black olives, 2 tablespoons of brine chapels, 2 garlic cloves, 4 pieces of anchovy or without skin spit, 2 tablespoons of pressed lemon juice, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh basil, ground black pepper.

Put the olives in the blender and crush them. Add capers, garlic nails, anchovies, lemon juice, olive oil and basil. Pure all with a smooth, black pepper. If necessary, store in an airtight container in a refrigerator.

First Option:

2 ripe avocados, 1 garlic clove (pressed), 0.5 lime juice, salt, pepper.

Crush the pancakes and stone-cleaned avocado plate with a fork, add the remaining ingredients and mix. Chopped tomatoes, red onions, peppers, cucumbers, etc. can be added.

Option 2:

1 avocado, 1 tomato, 1 garlic clove, 1 tablespoon chopped onion, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, salt and drop Tabasco sauce.

The avocado flesh is pressed with a fork to form a uniform mass. Add the remaining pureed ingredients and season with the Tabasco sauce. If the onion is very bitter, it should be soaked in cold water for a while. If desired, the Tabasco sauce can be added more than the recipe. You can also replace the garlic with fresh coriander.


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