Healthy recipe: healthy cake with feta and dried tomatoes
Here is a recipe rich in protein and good lipids that will delight your taste buds and help you to boost your energy! The quantities and ingredients can be adapted according to the convenience of each.

Healthy Cake with Feta and Dried Tomatoes
Feta, the key ingredient of our recipe
Dairy products are controversial, often rightly so. They are certainly an obvious source of calcium, a nutrient essential for good bone growth and good bone health. Because calcium protects the bones and its consumption reduces the risk of breakage and prevents osteoporosis. But on the other hand, cow’s milk, as it is produced is sold, can itself create osteoporosis and digestive problems because it is acidic and not easily digestible.

The advantage of ewe cheese is that the latter is much better digestible than cow’s milk and extremely rich in protein, they themselves essential for good muscle building.

To make this healthy recipe, you will already have a good ingredient: the feta. This fresh cheese is also considered a food rich in protein , phosphorus, lactose, vitamin D and vitamin B12, to name only the best nutrients, which are also nutrients able to act positively on the mineralization of bones and regeneration of cell tissues.
In this recipe, we also have dried tomatoes that have equally ex

ceptional virtues. They provide very few calories and have an antioxidant power. In addition, they contain many nutrients including minerals (copper, manganese and potassium), trace elements and many vitamins. Vitamin E is present in large quantities. Remember that it protects the body against free radicals.

Spelled flour is low in gluten and high in fiber. This is probably one of the best qualities of flours available for athletes.

Eggs, the essential ingredient of athletes
In this recipe, we find feta, dried tomatoes, but also eggs , another food particularly rich in protein and organic, raised in the open air and if possible with the mention “blue white heart”. In addition, our healty cake contains only healthy ingredients, which are part of a healthy diet that is suitable for everyone, large or small, especially athletes. It can also be consumed at any time of the day!

List of ingredients for our healthy cake
Ingredients for the dough:

150 g organic spelled flour (or chestnut, oat or buckwheat flour)
4 chicken eggs organic blue heart white
75 g white cheese
30 ml organic virgin coconut oil
1 sachet baking powder

Ingredients for the filling:

Dried tomatoes (according to your convenience)
150 g feta
50 gr black olives pitted
2 fresh basil leaves

Healthy cake preparation
Start by preheating your oven to 180 ° C.
We begin with the preparation of the dough.
For the dough, you will need a large salad bowl.
Break the eggs into a bowl and whip them. Take the salad bowl and pour in the whole flour, the baking powder then the eggs, the cottage cheese and the coconut oil. Mix everything preferably with electric mixer. Take care not to leave lumps, the dough should be smooth.

Wash the basil leaves and chop them.
Cut the cheese into small pieces and add it to the dough. Then add the dried tomatoes, black olives and basil. Mix everything.
Then you will flour a cake mold to pour the dough Put the cake. Cook for 20 minutes at 180 ° C.
To know if the cake is well cooked, plant a knife in the center of the mold. If the knife comes out clean, it’s good, if it is floured, add ten minutes to the timer to cook again.

Once cooked you will unmold the cake. Cut into slices. Serve with a few green salad leaves drizzled with a drizzle of olive oil.

Enjoy your cake to which you can add a green salad, to get a balanced meal. In addition, you can cut the cake into small squares to serve as an aperitif. Your guests will have the pleasure of tasting something else than the usual crisps.


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