Order any product from any country

Do you want to order any product from Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other eCommerce site and Provider? If you have no option to buy it you can take our help to order it.

We’ll order it on behalf of you and deliver it to your address.

How to confirm the order?

You have to select the product first, give us the link of the product or details about it. Pay us locally to confirm the product. Give us your full name, delivery address with post code, and contact number. We will place the order using your name, address and contact number. The will directly send it to you when we confirm the payment. Please note that We will take the price for Product price + Shipment cost + a small amount of profit for us. You may have to pay additional customs duty for your product if applicable. If there is any custom duty fee applicable for your product, you will be noticed it. The post man who will deliver it to you from your post office will call you and inform you about the customs duty fee. You may have to go to the office to pay it and take the goods from him.

What will happen if you don’t receive the goods or receive damaged product:

We will have a maximum period for each order for delivery. The system will show the status of the goods also the transit position. If the product arrive in destination country we will know it. When you receive the goods it will show as delivered. But if the time period ends without delivery then we will get the payment back and we have wait few days to get it back from the system. We will refund you the money after we get back the paid amount.

If you receive any damaged product you have to take picture and send to us. If the product is damaged we will open dispute for the order and the supplier may change it within buyer protection period.

To buy any product please call: WhatsApp: +8801711014449

bKash/Nagad Agent (Cash Out): 01710525552